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Fur-parents speak out...

MARV IN TUB_edited.jpg

"I wouldn't trust our Marv with anyone else.  Juliet takes care of our precious pup as if he were her very own and he LOVES her.  It can be super stressful trying to find someone to take care of your pets when you're out of town, but since we found Juliet, it's put our minds at ease.  Look no further than Juliet. Seriously. She's the best." 

--Jaclyn & Ian, parents to Marv 

"My dog, Jack, has the best time with Pet Set Juliet.  From running and playing with her dogs Winnie and Wiggie to the affection that Juliet herself supplies...

Jack can't hide his excitement when he sees her, and that says a lot."

--Jill K., mom to Jack


"Pet Set Juliet has been one of the best things to happen to our life recently.  She is truly amazing with our dogs and it shows.  When she comes to take them for a walk, we get a text with how the visit went, and a video to accompany it.  They boys love the voice that Juliet uses when she's with then, it makes everyone smile!  When she visits during feeding time, the video shows them enjoying their meal and any fun they've encountered on their walk afterwards.  Juliet is a true pet lover and exemplifies the meaning of it.  We are so happy to have Pet Set Juliet in our lives, and the boys are too."

--Derek M., dad to Jesse and Joey



"Pet Set Juliet was able to take care of my dogs at the last minute and put our minds at ease when she sent a text with a video.   She has such a great personality and the dogs adore her.  We have used her several times now, and we know the dogs are very happy with her taking care of them.  When she interacts with them when we're home, they run right to her and are excited to see her.  We are thankful that Pet Set Juliet has been able to help us at last minute's notice.  Thanks so much for taking good care of our dogs whilst we're away."


--John A., dad to Jesse and Joey.  

Not all Dog Sitters are created equal. 


Juliet has really changed my life in words that cannot express.  The kind, and loving manner that my dogs have been taken care of and treated... is beyond ...


I have two rescues.  Frankie, was found under a truck in the Bronx and Javier, he was living on his own, on the streets of Puerto Rico, for one year before I adopted him.


Havi (short for Javier) is a scared little pup that doesn't take a well to most.  In literally 1 day, Juliet and her husband have won my dogs hearts over. 


The amount of communication, videos, and mindfulness that Juliet provides when caring for your dog is comforting.  Just the sheer comfort of knowing my pups are being treated for as I would, makes my heart full and eased my mind.  Knowing you can count on and have someone care for the puppies as much as I do is just incredible and mind blowing. 


My dogs are horrific with feeding times and Juliet has them put them on a schedule with regular feeding times.  It's just INCREDIBLE !!!  


My pups come home with a luster of life that is not even able to be explained.   My two pups run around and play her backyard with her family.  I couldn't be happier with such an incredible woman and Dog Sitter.  

Thank you, Juliet for all you do.  I give my highest recommendation. 


All the best, 

-- Maria A., mom to Havi & Frankie

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