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Why Does My Dog...YAWN!?!?

Is Fido sleepy? Probably not. Pet Set Juliet delves into this aspect of animal behavior that has us wondering "Why does my dog yawn?"

Hello all. Today's topic was brought to me by my close friend, national cable news correspondent Laura Ingle.

Apparently, Laura's dog yawns. So does mine. So does yours. But why?

Well, frankly, dog yawns are somewhat of a mystery. Some experts think they're trying to replenish oxygen in their brain but so far, this hasn't panned out in studies. The theory is, they're tired and like humans, they take a big gulp of air to liven them up. Again: THEORY.

Other pros say it could be a form of communication. Maybe they're saying they're stressed, or bored. You don't see dogs yawning when they're horsing around, right?

Like most dog behavior questions, it usually comes down to knowing more about the context of the behavior. Are they in a training class? Have they been cooped up all day?

One interesting theory is that it could be a way to avoid aggression from another dog. Have you ever seen a dog yawn when another dog barks at him? It could be the passive dog basically sending a message to the aggressive dog, saying "Hey man, I'm not here to cause any trouble".

Finally, if your dog is yawning excessively, that's not normal. It could be an indication of some health or emotional issue. Your best bet is to call your vet and get Fido checked out.

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