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Why Does My Dog...RUN IN CIRCLES?

It's one of the funniest things to watch. But should we be laughing? Some experts say 'circling' can be an ominous sign. Pet Set Juliet investigates Why Dogs Run In Circles...

Why do dogs run around in circles, in the same spot, before lying down? Great question, furparents. And it's one many of us continually ponder, but don't pursue. Well, that's what I'm here for!

The ritual goes back to our dogs' ancestors. Basically, it's in the genes. Great great great great great grandpa Fido did it for a few reasons, actually.

First, he did it to make sure no dangerous creatures were lurking about.

Second, he did it to make sure his brood, friends and their families were safe.

Third, and this is particularly clever, I must say, they were testing from which direction the wind was blowing, to see if the scent of any nearby predators came wafting by.

Next, they had to have a way to settle the ground, to make it comfy and bed-like. So circling would help them tamp down the location, before they put down cushioning, like leaves.

And of course, they had to do the circle dance to make sure they routed out all the insects and other creepy creatures that might be hiding.

Finally, just like when dogs tinkle on top of other dogs' urination, circling is simply a way to mark their territory.

So it's completely normal for dogs to run in circles before they get ready to snooze with you for the night.

Of course, there are those rare occasions when circling could indicate a health problem. So make sure to call your vet if you think the circling is getting a bit too excessive.

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