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Talk With Your Cat. No, Seriously. Talk With Your Cat!

There's new tech coming out every day. This particular arena has Pet Set Juliet enthralled. It's AI Animal Translation. Yes, there actually may be a way to understand what our pets are saying. MeowTalk is one such app, taking the cat owner world by storm.

"Mom! I said I'm tired and I just want to hang out in this paper bag! Jeez!"

Can a simple app tell us what our cat's meow really means? And, frankly, do we want to know what our cat's are thinking? I do. And so do many other pet owners. Thankfully, MeowTalk is here for us. But does it actually work?

Well, first of all, let's get a little background. MeowTalk is an app that you download to "give your cat a voice". The folks behind MeowTalk say they're hoping to make us better friends with our feline family by translating what they're trying to tell us. They say they've stumbled upon a formula that turns a simple meow into a human-recognizable statement, like "Leave me alone". Ummm...

The app apparently compares your cat's vocal stylings (so there's some Alexa-ish recording going on in your house, just be prepared) to a library of sounds, which are then translated into English (and several other languages).

The app is going gangbusters across the world; tens of millions of downloads and even more "meows".

But let's get back to the OG question: Does it work? You tell me. Jennifer A. said "I really enjoy this app. So far the translations seem quite plausible, considering the situation." SOLD! The app is still in the dotting i's and crossing t's stage; quite a few potential customers complained about not being able to compare sounds and only being able to use the app when you subscribe. NOTE: It's business, folks. Nothing good in life is ever free. Ew, I sound like a real cynic, don't I? Well, you know what I mean.

Final word: I'd test it out for a bit. At just a couple bucks a month, it seems worth it to me. Of course, now I need to get a cat.

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