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MY FAVES: Dogs Won't Bolt From This Toy

Haha, see the little play on words I did there? I want to tell you about one of my newest loves for keeping a chewy, gnawy, shreddy, rippy dog distracted from your home's baseboards, couches, etc. It's called...

The Bolt Bite with matching harness

THE BOLT BITE! And it's not only going to keep them engaged, they're going to look so fab while they're busy. The toy is made for all shapes and sizes. It's natural rubber, BPA-free and dishwasher safe. Plus, it's got a reinforced center, and open sides, so you can stick in treats to make them go crazy for hours. And did I mention it comes in a bunch of cute colors, including moonstone blue, spruce green, lavender, blush pink, navy blue, strawberry red and tan.

Check out this really cool site I just disovered - Wild One. It has everything you need for a happy dog: walking, carrying, feeding, play toys and more. And the best part? The products are well made and affordable. Bolt Bite is just $13!

Cute little harness sold separately! Wild One $48 And it also comes in tons of cute colors.

Wild One Harness

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