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MY FAVES: Dog Car Seats

Boosting, elevating, life saving. Pet Set Juliet tells you why car seats are a game changer for your beloved beasts.

Remember when we used to ride around in the back seat of our parents' Oldsmobile unrestricted by those life-saving seatbelts? Well guess what guys? This is still happening, not with kids but with our pets. How many times have you buckled under the pressure of Fido's backseat whining, allowing him to jump up front with you on that quick trip to 7-Eleven? I admit, I've done it. Bad, Juliet! Dogs can fly through a windshield just as easily as, God forbid, your kid. That's the reality. So why should we let them float around our cars, 70's style?

Instead, invest in a dog car seat. Not only do they have little seatbelts that hook on to their collars or harnesses, but they can also really help with car sickness! Plus, who wants to sit so low they only see the back of the front seat? Not me, and not your pet! Car seats give them an elevated view of the world around them, a great way of keeping them distracted (and quiet!)


If you're looking for primo mobile seating, this is a great option. The seat comes in three striped options: Blue, Coffee and Red. The cloth is bite resistant, durable, yet soft. Plus, storage bags on either set let you pack Fido's favorite treats so they're not spilling out and crumbling in your handbag.

Blobo Dog Booster Seat


With more than 18k 4-star ratings, you can't beat this puppy seat. It's super easy to assemble, waterproof and is collapsible-proof, thanks to sturdy PVC piping. Options include plain black or plain pink, or black with bones and paw prints and black with just paw prints. Cuteness overload.

Swihelp Dog Booster Seat

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