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Meet Pickles! The Gentle Giant of Huntington Who Stole Pet Set Juliet's Heart

I admit, I was scared of pitbulls. I still kind of am. But I must say, this angel has assuaged my fears quite a bit.

I met Pickles in a somewhat fraught moment in time; his dad had gone to the hospital, leaving Pickles alone and in need of a friend. Enter, Pet Set Juliet. Along with my friend Andrea Herrick, founder of the PRoud Rescuers of Puerto Rico animal rescue organization based in Huntington, Long Island and Puerto Rico, we made our way over to the 14 year old, who welcomed us with open arms.

Later, I brought Big Boy to our house to board, and the rest is history. Now, Pickles is a member of the family. And even though his dad, Gary is out of the woods and doing great, we still love to have Pickles over for playdates and sleepovers. He's an old guy, with bad arthritis which sometimes makes it hard for him to get up, much less get around. But with some new meds from the fantastic folks at Harborside Veterinary Hospital in Halesite, NY, Pickles is doing great. (I also think his newfound vibrancy has to do with his new pals, the much younger Winnie, Wiggie, Javier and Frankie.

And how cute is that pic -- he loves sleeping with my sweatpants or other recently worn items!

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