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Meet Cello! A Rescue With An Obsession (Pet Set Juliet's Husband!)

Cello stayed at our house over the Labor Day weekend. I assumed he'd be yet another cute canine to add to my Pied Piper Parade, but NO! Cello, though very loving and attentive to me, was totally infatuated with John! How can this happen? How can this be? Well, I admit it, it's pretty cool seeing my canine campers fall in love with the hubby. (Though of course, I prefer them falling in love with ME!)

Cello waiting by the door for John, who is in garage doing a workout.

Oh, but there's more. Shortly after this, John started making dinner and volunteered to whip up all of our canine campers' dinners as well. And look who couldn't tear himself away...

Cello is so easy, although he does get a little feisty over food. He and our dog, Winnie (the 5 lb. Yorkie) went at it a few times because, like Cello, she is very protective of her grub. My apologies to Cello who had to deal with her bitchiness. (Like mother, like daughter.)

We loved having him stay with us over the Labor Day weekend and can't wait to see him again!

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