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Dogs Turn Color Blindness Into A Self Defense Mechanism

Did you know dogs can only see two colors? While that may impede them in some ways, over time, our brilliant pooches have used it to their advantage. Pet Set Juliet shows us how...

Our dog's eyes are windows into their souls...and minds!

A fascinating new study published recently in the Journal of Visualized Experiments has opened up our eyes to what's going on in our pet's mind. Scientists at Emory University studied Daisy and Bhubo, two mixed breed dogs, by scanning their brains in an MRI machine while the pups watched videos.

And what they found was pretty wild. Turns out, according to this study at least, dogs are more interested in the actions happening around them, as opposed to who is performing these actions. Experts say this is probably due to the fact that dogs have just two "cone cells" in their eyes, whereas we humans have three. We can see the entire color spectrum, while they can only see blue and yellow. We're more visually-sensitive; they're more reliant on their sense of smell. And, dogs have a higher density of motion-sensitive vision receptors than we do.

As a result, scientists believe dogs, over time, have figured out different ways to perceive threats in the environment. Ultimately, they're more attuned to what's happening, rather than who's doing it.

Dogs, man!

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