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Dog Fashion: Halloween Hotness!

Fall is coming, and that means my favorite holiday of the year is right around the corner: Halloween costumes are a dime a dozen, but here are some of my favorites for small, medium and large breed dogs. And prices range from ridiculously cute but affordable to lavishly luxe. BOO!


LUXE: Ok, I have a thing about royalty. I'm obsessed. And though it's not a King or Queen costume, it does have that monarchial vibe, doesn't it? It's a footstool, by SoDoggoneCreative (a star seller on Etsy!) Get it? A 17th century FOOTSTOOL for the nobility? Yeah? Right? (Ok, so maybe I'm getting a little too into my niche but I can't help it, it's so hilarious!) And true to form, it comes with a palatial price tag of $54.99 -- but totally worth it in my opinion.. Would've been great with my Marie Antoinette outfit from a few years back, dammit.

ADORABLY AFFORDABLE: This MUMMY may look a little rough around the edges, but that's 100% the intent of KarisFancyPups, another super cool Etsy store with really unique twists on classic costumes. I like this one because it actually is quite well-made - flannel, muslin and velcro. This is a made to order piece, so...get busy! It runs in sizes from XS to 3XL.

A STEAL: Oui, oui! Your petit chien will look magnifique hitting the Halloween party circuit in this suave FRENCH ARTIST costume by Frisco. You can snag it at Chewy for just $17.99.



LUXE: Yes, you are looking at Chewnel, a COCO CHANEL costume by Mr. Speck's Playhouse, suited solely for the poshest pups. Who cares that it's $45! As Coco Chanel herself once said, "The best things in life are free. The second best things are very expensive." Yaaas, Queen!

ADORABLY AFFORDABLE: If Fifi insists on being treated like royalty, who are you to deny her?This simple yet stunning $20 (and up) MARIE ANTOINETTE WIG channels the doomed Queen herself. Find it on Etsy by Elegant Pet. By the way, this company has some really rad wigs! Check out some of the other options...

A STEAL: If your dog is like my Wiggie, he's not a fan of clothing. Maybe he'll deal with a sweater, but no frou-frou hats and all that business, not for Wiggie. Which is why this GIANT FLOUR TORTILLA by Llotodo is right up his Halloween alley. What dog wouldn't want to look like a burrito or chimichanga? Walk around with some chips and salsa and you'll be the hit of any party. (Keep it around for Cinco de Mayo, obvs.) $17.99 on Amazon, and it runs XS-XXL.



LUXE: If you're not up for the scarf/tophat/tails/jewelry (majorly over the top) dog costume, take it easy, we've got you covered. This little CANDY CORN deal by Mark & Graham is simple, yet the message is powerful: CANDY CORN ROCKS. FA! TO THE NAYSAYERS! And when the holiday's over, Fido can wear this $45 number on those cold autumn nights. Add your pup's name for another $12.50.

ADORABLY AFFORDABLE: Who you gonna call? Petsmart! They're offering this adorable GHOSTBUSTER get-up for $24.99 ranging in sizes from S to XL.

A STEAL: THE LION MANE by Tomsenn is not only reasonably priced, it's beautifully basic. Perfect for big dogs who don't like a lot of fuss. Reviews on Amazon are nearly all 5-star, with comments like "good quality" and "easy to put (on)". All this excellence for just $13-$16.

NOTE: Many of these costumes are popular, and supplies may run out soon. So if you fall in love, snag it before someone else does!

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