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Dog Anxiety? Hail, THE THUNDERSHIRT!

Dreading Fourth of July because of those fireworks? Thunderstorms have you melting down? We know. Many pets hate these events, and as a result, we do, too! But Pet Set Juliet has found the answer to your dog stress prayers: The Thundershirt.

More than 40-THOUSAND (yes, I meant to capitalize this) Amazon reviewers have been falling all over themselves over this product. Basically, if your dog is not the best when it comes to handling stress, you need to buy this, STAT.

The Thundershirt logic is similar to that of the trendy weighted blanket. It envelops the dog with a soft, but constant pressure, which apparently makes Fido feel like he just got back from a Grateful Dead show, if you know what I'm saying. It's, of course, drug-free and best of all, Thundershirt is offering a money-back guarantee. Check it out on Amazon. Frazzled pet owners say "I wish I could give this product 20 stars!" and "it really works" "within minutes". Grab it for less than $40 and you and Fifi will have a very peaceful night, or your money back.

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